Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Picture of Boroma Mission

Boroma Mission is beautiful. It was finished in 1885 by Jesuit missionaries and it's located 30 minutes away from Tete upstream along the Zambezi River. We visited there this weekend and its service was full of worshipers. Within the mission, there is a nunnery, an orphanage, and a bike mechanic. The Portuguese priest conducted the service completely in Nhungue. The surrounding community is more fluent in Portuguese than most any other Mozambican community I've been in. Many of the kids even spoke enough English to ask how I am doing and what my name is. I think this mission is gotta be doing something right.

These kids were hamming it up for our cameras, so it was a little difficult getting a shot of the church without them in it. But they are beautiful as well, so no loss I suppose.

Your brother,

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