Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Flight in June

My brother Ryan gets married in June, and we are all very excited. The problem was that my SALT term ends in late July and it's kind of against SALT policy to permit international travel farther than to an adjacent country. I don't want to give Eva anymore headaches about this, but we managed to work it out with my MCC Country Rep that I could fly back for a week. As a team, MCC Moz voted on it, and since it's a special event I got to buy my tickets home!

I had my flights booked for a couple of months now, but they were rerouted yesterday to include a day layover in San Francisco! So, if you live on the peninsula and are free to hang out on June 22 (Wednesday), email me. I'm so pumped! I have no idea what I want to do. Usually, this would call for a bike ride through Paradise Loop or to Muir Woods, but I'm not sure about being sweaty on a plane to Munich. I am accepting suggestions.

Your brother,