Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My First Traffic Ticket

I was making my way out to the field today to work on some dams. There's this police hang out right by the intersection between the road going to Tete and the road going to Songo. One of the cops was standing in the middle of the road and pulled me over as I was going by on my motorcycle. I wasn't speeding or anything. He asked to see my registration and license. Apparently, my registration was only a temporary one, which ended back in December. The policeman said I had to leave the bike there. He said I'd have to pay a 5,200 met fine.

I called Chauca, our MCC coworker in Beira, for help. The policeman said he didn't want to talk to anyone and I would have to explain myself, which I just can't do eloquently. Eventually he gave in and spoke with Chauca. I don't know what Chauca said, but the policeman ended up writing a ticket for 200 mets, all the while saying that it's for 5,200. He told me to go right back to the city to pay it.

Then he asked me for a ride home.

Your brother,


  1. i love that he asked you for a ride home :)

  2. LOL! He asked you to leave the bike there.... probably because he wanted it for a ride to the city. Nice. Also, how awesome that the cop pulled you over on foot.