Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My computer and cell phone

This has been a rough week for technology and me. I wasn´t feeling so great healthwise so when I was packing up my things to go home on tuesday, I didn´t zip my backpack completely. I picked up the straps and my computer fell from kneehigh. The comp hasn´t started since.

Then yesterday, after texting my MCC rep about my computer situation, I left my cellphone on the cafe table I was sitting at. I went back looking for the phone this morning, but it´s disappeared entirely. Oh well, such is life, eh?

In other news, yesterday I was out in the community of Caphaia working on the steel reinforcements for the dams. In our designs, we´ve figured that the biggest threat to dam stability is if the structure overturns (think of one big domino). We use rebar to anchor the dam to the rock foundation. We´re trying a new method of doing this that is supposed to give our dams better support, but takes much more labor to do it. Our new method is to chisel out one-inch diameter holes about nine inches deep in the rock, so that we can socket the rebar into the holes with some concrete mortar. I figured I should experience first hand how unreasonable this request is, so I sat there banging at a chisel for an hour in the sun. I made it about an inch down, but I still think it´s a good idea.

Your brother,

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