Friday, January 14, 2011

My New Move

I'm still getting settled into my house across the river. I haven't been there much, since I was in South Africa all last month. Here's what the house looks like. The trees are greener than they usually are because of the rain, so don't be too misled. Still though, it's pretty great. The house is here in this complex run by the Church of Good News and we've been living in it rent free because we work for a church organization. All we gotta do is spruce it up a little bit and do some neighborhood projects. Not a bad deal at all.

Like most good things (and certainly most good, free things), it's gotta end. We found out that a new missionary family will be living at this house in March and we gotta go find another one. I'm a little concerned because Tete is a boom town. This year 11,000 more miners are expected to move into town. There's literally a gold rush here (in addition to the coal and other minerals). Housing is in such a crunch that the few hotels here are booked solid for the next two years by Brazilian mining companies looking to house their employees. Because of all this, housing prices here are similar to the Midwest (USA), which I think is steep for Moz.

I'm sure we'll find something eventually. And if not, we can always get a mud-wall palace built out in Capinga (like our coworker Rui) for a song. Unfortunately, internet will be a little harder to come by though.

Also since I've moved to my current house, I've hand washed all my clothes. Consequently, I have a much more profound respect and admiration for the average Mozambican woman.

Your brother,

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