Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Coworker's House

My coworker's house in Caphaia.

FYI, no alarm clock in the world is better than a goat peeing on your tent at 5:00 in the morning.

Your brother,


  1. Stephen,
    Your pictures are soo amazing! I'm incredibly jealous of you and your adventures. Hope everything's well. Keep up the good work! We're proud of ya.
    See you in June! :)

  2. lol, thanks jaimie. See you in June for sure. This dang picture has my shadow in it, though. Rookie move...

  3. Hahaha it's alright, you can hardly even tell. What kind of camera/lense are you using??

  4. Nikon D60. Mostly I use the lens that came with it (18x50 or something), I like having the aperture wide open and getting up in people's grills. I have a 50x200, or something like that, which I use for taking pictures of birds.

    I try to underexpose a lot cause it's bright here (or my light meter is broke), but I just mess around and don't really know what I'm doing.

  5. Nice!!
    I got a 35mm, 1.8 aperture a few weeks back, (Christmas money -- the beauty of growing older) it's pretty awesome. Your pictures are legit though.
    I love my Nikon... They're so great. :)

  6. Yeah, thanks. I've seen your photos on facebook. Good stuff! Nikons are so legit. Sometimes I'm tempted to buy new lenses but then I remember how much they costs.

  7. Haha thanks
    Yeah they're so ridiculously priced..
    The Nikon website's refurbished lenses are pretty legit though. Lauren's new zoom lense was pretty reasonable. It's kind of awesome. haha