Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My (Bicycling) Hero

Here's a pretty common image you see along the main highway that leads into Tete. I was pretty impressed by his bicycling strength so I snapped this pic.

I'm a little torn by this though, I'm a big fan of cycling but I'm also not a fan of deforestation. I don't want to begrudge a man trying to earn food for himself, but it seems like there is an end endless stream of these guys on bikes hauling wood or charcoal into the city, everyday. It's gotta add up eventually. I'm here as a development worker, but i gotta admit 'development' is still a dirty word for me. Boy, that just reeks of privilege, doesn't it? Cause what do I know? I probably killed more trees and burned more carbon in my life than this guy ever will. I guess I just don't want Mozambique to be another America. I want Mozambique to be Mozambique.

Your brother,

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