Monday, October 4, 2010

My Friend, Avozinha

Here's another photo from church. This is my friend, Avozinha. She speaks Nhungue, the native Bantu language here in Tete. It's pretty common for children to only start learning Portuguese once they start going to school. She hangs out with my host sister Joana a lot and I'll sometimes hang out with them when I'm sick of watching the Brazilian novelas my family loves to watch. Usually I'll have my guitar and usually I'll try to let them make up their own songs which I can play along to.

I just think she's ridiculously adorable. And I will probably be made fun of for using the word 'adorable.'

Your Brother,


  1. no shame in using the term adorable around us! we know you're man enough to use it well. :-)

    ...i'm catching up as i've been way behind in my reading. your pics of your host family are great, and Avozinha is way cute!

  2. wow the people there are beautiful and handsome!

    they must have a good time with you and your guitar