Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Life (Now with 50% Less Fun!)

Back when I was packing, I made it a point to bring along two things with me. One was a hackey sack and two was a guitar tuner. My old buddy Jessica made me the hackey sack six years ago for christmas. And I stole the guitar tuner from my brother Ryan about the same time. The tuner has been by my side ever since. I've been keeping both in the top drawer of my dresser. I was sure that I'd use them both plenty this year because I have a guitar, a tin ear, and a lot of free time.

I've been getting rats in my room recently. I hear them at night clawing and eating stuff. I didn't really think much of it, since my host fam seems to be pretty cool about seeing one run across the living room floor once in a while. Anyway, I heard them in my dresser last night. Being innately suspicious of rats, I checked my drawer last night. They tore up my hackey sack to eat the dried corn kernels used as the stuffing. And while they were feasting away, (I guess)they kicked the on-switch to my guitar tuner, killing the 9-volt battery which they don't sell here. In one night my life just got a whole lot less fun. Annoying!

Your brother,

P.S. In other (arguably more important) news, Jon's motorcycle was stolen the other night from in front of his house. Perhaps I should've written about that instead...


  1. wow those rats know how to ruin the fun. now you'll have to train to tune by ear. they probably stole the motorbike, too!

  2. Make a trap with a bucket and a bannana!

  3. Stephen!

    Thanks so sad! I hope you're able to make a new hackey sack. As for the guitar tuner...I don't know what to tell you.

    As for the rats, I'm impressed you seem to be dealing with them so calmly.

  4. if you can get 6 AA cells and some wire/random metal, you may be able to wire up a 9 volt (each AA is 1.5v; in series they add); some of the low quality batteries there may not be a full 1.5v though

  5. Aww, Stephen. You don't need the guitar tuner - there are videos uploaded on youtube that just play tuning notes - for example, here is one: