Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Host Dad

Here's a picture of my host dad Bernardo Movando. He is the pastor of the church that sits in front of the house. Someday, I would like to talk to him about the Bible, but for now I can't speak Portuguese nearly well enough. Although strangely enough, we did have conversations about constellations in the southern hemisphere and American history.

This is him drinking Ricoffy. It's sold as coffee, but don't let the label fool you - it isn't. The family serves Ricoffy to me twice daily, and since I am a guest I feel obliged to finish whatever is given me. Luckily for me, before Moz I never drank more than a drop of coffee. Apparently Ricoffy tastes horrible; I have no basis of comparison. Oh, blessed ignorance!

Your brother,

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