Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Favorite Church Picture

You are probably sick of seeing pictures from my church. But seriously, that's like my favorite place in the world to take portraits.

In other news, it's 110 degrees F today and in a month we'll be getting up to 120. It's really darn hot right now, but I guess God's gotta make life fair sometimes, huh? Just today we found a soil sieve set so we can start classifying our soils collected by the dams. I've been talking about making one of those for a month out of chicken wire and scrap lumber. Jon and I were all smiles and high fives for the following 20 minutes.

Your brother,

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  1. Why you're a regular Martha Stewart crafty civil engineer! (Does that seem like a faraway, lifetime-away comment to you? Martha Stewart must be one of the LAST things on your mind!)