Monday, September 20, 2010

My Room

Here's a photo of my new digs. As you can see, my room is awesome. In fact, it's arguably bigger than my room in San Francisco for which I used to pay 800 bucks a month.

Shout out to my Mennonite friends: 50 points if you can find the John Howard Yoder book in this picture.

Also, I promised Lauren to take more photos of my host family, but they don't like taking pictures until they are dressed to the nines. Which is convenient, because Mozambicans love getting dressed up and will often do it when they travel and go to church. I'll take some pics on Sunday and post em next week.

Your brother,


  1. Eh, you're motorcycle riding? SOLID

  2. Yeah, really! Motorcycle riding!!

    PS You're probably getting tired of my comments... :)

  3. Politics of Jesus -- on the bed. :)