Saturday, August 21, 2010

We Made It!

We spent five hours in London before heading down to Joburg. Here's a picture of me being a tourist in front of Big Ben:

That was actually a pretty heavy two days of traveling. We are now hanging out at this awesome guest house in downtown Maputo. I'll be here until thursday. As you can see, it's some pretty swanky digs:

I don't really have much to report except that Maputo is a beautiful city. Although poverty is definitely noticeable here. I'm gonna try to take some photos before I leave for Beira and then on to Tete, but I feel a bit odd walking around with a digital camera.

Also, I hear that Jon has found me a host family that I get to stay with for at least a few months. I think the father is a pastor and they have four kids. Sounds like a great family and I am stoked to be meeting them this week.

Apparently, Tete is hot (even by African standards) and has a lot of mosquitoes (even by African standards). For some reason, when I say I am going to be living in Tete for a year, I get strange looks and if they speak english they usually say "Tete is a very hot place." HA! I am a little concerned.

There is a rogue mosquito flying around my room that needs to be evicted asap. See ya.

Your brother,


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  2. Glad you made it safe and sound. David Wieand

  3. this mosquito situation sounds insane. wear spray, buy an electric bug swatter if possible--these are AWESOME if you've never used one, and i'll pray that all your shots work like they're supposed against any bites. :-) glad to hear you made it safe. we definitely have missed u already!

  4. Great to hear you're on the continent, and thanks for the pictures and commentary -- please keep it coming!

  5. Oh, and if you're off on an international service project, I think you're a real Mennonite, and not just a wannabe like you say in your profile. :)

  6. Awesome world travellin'. And nice hat. Which camera is that you're using?

  7. Hi stephen. Hot is better than cold, right?

  8. I was so pleased to see your post in my blog feed! Take care to avoid the mosquitoes and I'm looking forward to more reports when you settle in with your host family and start to get some real work done.

    Folks like me who haven't traveled much forget how wide the world is. Your posts remind me of my small place in the world.